Casserole offers a bespoke wedding coordination service. Our most popular packages are designed to meet the needs of various brides. We have specifically focused on the on the services that are most frequently requested although custom packages are available. The packages listed below are simple meant to give you a preview of the services that we can provide. You can choose to have us coordinate all, or just a part of your arrangements.

We are not affiliated with any suppliers and all discounts received are directly passed onto you. This way u can be assured, that we will be negotiating the best possible prices, with a view to saving u money.

All brides are initially invited to a consultation with our wedding coordinator, to view our portfolio and discuss your dream and ideas. Are coordinator has immense knowledge and experience in designing and organizing weddings and will be able to suggest themes, styles and delicate details, all of which help make your wedding day unique and memorable.


The Kerala marriages are a fine remix of colours, aroma, music and delicacies. They relive noble customs, which are gloriously kept through ages. They are often executed in styles exemplary and unique. Though marriage customs of each religion varies, the effect it evokes is wonderful and true at all times.

  • The unique grandeur of the aromatic and spicy Christian marriage menu, ranging from varieties of Biriyani, the Kerala style of rice and curry with mouth watering meat and fish dishes is the Casserole forte, with fruit salads, ice cream or pudding providing the elegant final touches.
  • Casserole enlivens the typical Hindu marriage Sadya by their fine touch. The enticing and elegant Kerala rice and curries are served in the traditional plantain leaves accompanied by 2 to 3 varieties of Payasam .
  • The charm of the indigenous Muslim cuisine is relived by Casserole in the Muslim marriage ceremonies. Victuals vary from Biriyani, Neychore and Pathiri to the umpteen spicy meat dishes .
  • Office parties vary in nature and style. They range from common tea party sessions to the exclusive lunch and dinner sessions where the Casserole spread-out menu fulfills all their demands .
  • The Schools and University has so many colorful occasions to celebrate. Casserole adds a special flavor to each of these occasions to make them memorable
  • A very customized service is called for when it comes to hosting for events. Casserole firmly sticks to the policy. Events range widely from seminars including international delegates where a continental or Chinese menu is usually preferred to the private parties were the menu alters for a fine buffet.
  • Clubs bearing international signets of repute find a close ally in Casserole-from the usual get-together parties to the vibrant cocktails and bar-be-que, they trust the Casserole for a smooth and efficient delivery.
  • Casserole makes it ornate at marriage anniversaries and birthday celebrations . Often conducted on domestic airs, the occasion further demands the inclusion of distinct delicacies like cakes, varieties of snacks and deserts.
  • The flamboyant festivals of Kerala are occasions when the people's spirits run high. Casserole infuses such warmth by their delicate touch to these glorious occasions. The splendid Christmas parties and the garish New Year parties along with Onam and Vishu celebrations are occasions where Casserole imprints their indelible mark.


“Appassionata” means “music played with passion” and I believe music is an essential element of any memorable wedding., so whether you want music before or after the ceremony or for your reception, together we will find the perfect match for you, from live or DJ-provided classical, jazz etc .

Photography and Videography:  

Recording this day for posterity is a priority for many couples, but there is a dizzying array of options to choose from. We have a plethora of talented photographers and videographers; Appassionata Weddings works with experienced, sensitive wedding photographers who bring a fine artistic aesthetic to your wedding, capturing the day's events with formal portraits and candid shots.


From modest bridal bouquets to lavish wedding site and reception floral arrangements, most couples enjoy the beauty of flowers at their wedding. All florists are not created equal; Appassionata Weddings finds the floral designer right for your needs.

Other Services offered :

  1. Shamyana and Pandal
  2. Hall decorations
  3. Stage Decorations
  4. Security Services
  5. Rent-a-car
  6. Bridal Makeup
  7. Church Choir
  8. Hydrogen Balloons
  1. Serve-Team : A scrupulously selected and trained serve-team whose watchword is cordiality, makes Casserole stand tall in their domains .
  2. Chef Team : An adept network including specialist chefs makes the Casserole cuisine vibrant. Masters of each division work in tandem to make the Casserole experience unique .
  3. Quality Maintenance : A method of production where the quality of the product is given prime importance is adopted by Casserole. Every stage of production undergoes rigorous inspection and estimation of quality and hygiene. The purchase division further ensures imported as well as local inventory pass through meticulous quality assessment procedures. Casserole always resorts to refined and sophisticated means of production